The Ultimate Twitch Bot


ChallAcc is an overlay for your Twitch streams, quite literally made BY streamers FOR streamers!
Whenever we found ourselves saying “I wish I could do this with my Twitch channel”, we saw it as our goal to get it done!

What’s Included?

Interactive Mini-games

Play visual mini-games directly from your streaming software using your Twitch chat! Perfect for keeping your viewers entertained while you need to take a break!

Easy Raid System

Quickly and easily find someone else to raid! Find other ChallAcc users, or quickly pull up a visual of people that are playing the games you love and want to support!

Optimized & Efficient

ChallAcc was built to be both lightweight & powerful. As it’s hosted in the cloud, you will always be running the latest version.
No install required!

Your Ideas Brought To Life

We love hearing your ideas, and implement whatever is possible! We now offer a built in visual giveaway tool; on-screen counters; easy multi-stream functionality!


ChallAcc is constantly evolving and improving!
We listen to all ideas, and strive to continue creating your ultimate Twitch bot!

What our Users say

“Having on screen death counters, fireworks and shoutouts have added to the engaging atmosphere of my channel. I would recommend ChallAcc to any streamer who is all about chat interactions and fun.”


“I really enjoy using ChallAcc. The EzRaid feature really helped me to get the 50 followers I needed for affiliate and I absolutely adore the mini-games. I also like that it can detect and ban those annoying ‘wanna be famous’ bots!”


“ChallAcc is one of the smartest moves I ever made in my streaming career. It has brought my streams up to the next level and allows me to interact with my viewers in a much more interesting and engaging way. I can not recommend this overlay enough!”


“It’s great to have minigames to fill the time when I need to go grab drink or step away from stream for a moment. I definitely encourage anyone streaming or even thinking about streaming to look into ChallAcc and you won’t believe the difference it can make in your stream.”