What’s Next?

Upon signing up, you’ll immediately gain access to the ChallAcc Overlay. You can sign in as many times as you like, but keep in mind that the free version has a several limitations that Silver, Gold and Diamond members don’t have.

If you’d like to use the ChallAcc cloudsaves or have unlimited access to minigames please consider subscribing!

Please also note that people using the free version of ChallAcc may be limited in newer tools and features!

We strongly recommend you join our Discord for all recent updates, share your ideas with us, report any bugs you’ve stumbled upon or to just engage with like-minded streamers!

How To Set Things Up

Step One

In your streaming software add a browser source pointing to: challacc.net/overlay
Set the size to 1920 x 1080

Important: Make sure the custom frame rate is set to 60

Make sure the source does NOT shut down when it’s not visible


Step Two

Once created, rename the browser source to something memorable, right-click your browser source, select ‘Transform’ and then ‘Fit to Screen’.
Note that ChallAcc is designed for 16:9 ratio streams, such as 1280×720 or 1920×1080. Other ratios will likely result in your stream appearing behind it.

Step Three

Sign in to your account via a whisper to the ChallAcc bot, making sure to enter the unique code at the top.


For example:
“/w challacc ABCDEF”



Once you have connected to the overlay, all of the commands can be controlled directly from your own chat.

If you ever want to remove ChallAcc, all you need to do is delete the browser source from your streaming software.