Joining Challacc

Joining ChallAcc is as simple as signing in for the first time! All you need to do is choose your level of subscriber fill out the form and then head over to our setup page and follow the instructions to get it up and running on your preferred broadcasting software.


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Feature Table

Want to know which tiers get access to which features? Check out the below table.

Features Free Silver Gold Diamond
Chat CAP earnings per minute N/A 5 10 15
Subscriber Chat CAP earnings per minute N/A 10 20 30
Raid Command
EzRaid Feature
Celebrate Commands
Shout Out Command
Twitch Clip Commands
Adventure Chat Minigame
Minigame Trials N/A N/A N/A
Admin Page
Stock Market
Challenge Feature
Goal Feature
Quote Feature
eStore Scene
Auction Scene
Search Features
WhoPlays Feature
Raffle Feature
Giveaway Feature
Mini Channel Feature
Display YouTube Feature
Bounty Feature
Autoend Minigames
Balls Minigame
Asteroid Minigame
Pachinko Minigame
Quiz Minigame
Scribble Minigame
TankYou Minigame
Display Channel Feature
Summon Help Command
Companion App (ChallApp)
Royalty Free Playlist
Card Minigame
QuickClip Feature
On-Screen Gamepad
Buzzy Bees Minigame
Cheggle Minigame
Races Minigame
The Circle Minigame
Wheel of Fate Minigame
Super Chaps Minigame
Intro Scene
Custom Buzzy Bee
Custom Dungeon
Custom Currency
Custom Web Page
Future Custom Features

Though the ChallAcc overlay should work with any broadcasting software (provided it has a browser source), we do recommend using OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS.

Download Here

A slightly more difficult to use streaming software, comes with the freedom to customize everything and anything for your streams. Less straightforward then Streamlabs OBS but also a lot less taxing on your computer.

Download Here

An easy to use streaming software that allows you to customize your streams with many available free overlays, however this program can be quite a bit more taxing on your computer, which could potentially lead to frame drops. 

Joining The Discord

Joining the ChallAcc Discord is the best way to stay on top of the most recent updates, recommend features you want to see, and chat with other users to see how they are using the overlay! Don’t hesitate to join the community!